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Greenpeace Petition EPA cuts

Donald Trump’s proposed budget is a disaster for the EPA and the environment. His plan proposes cutting funding for the agency by nearly a third. And to make matters worse, we know that the man he appointed to run the agency, Scott Pruitt, won’t be fighting for anything more as he has made a career …

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Save the EPA

The administration has released a blueprint for environmental destruction. Can you help stop it? For more than 45 years, the Environmental Protection Agency has been America’s chief defender of clean air and water, wildlife, and wild places. Yet just hours after President Trump pledge to “promote clean air and clean water” in a joint statement …

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Scott Pruitt vs. EPA Protections

READ THIS LINK AND PRE-REGISTER TO SPEAK OUT: http://mailchi.mp/waterkeeper/act-now-dont-let-epa-gut-our-environmental-protections?e=3ddf31d654 This is a direct attack on your clean water protections and Waterkeeper Alliance needs your help to fight back! We strongly encourage you to pre-register for this event and be heard! We want the Trump administration to know that Americans want and demand clean water! Personalized …

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Stop Trump attacks on EPA

  TELL TRUMP TO STOP THE ATTACKS ON THE EPA!!   SIGN THE PETITION: https://action.dccc.org/petition/trump-epa?source=em-share_trump-epa  

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