Jul 18

City of Santa Maria received unfavorable grand jury report 2017.

Community sentiments…….”If you don’t have a seat at the table, you are probably on the menu.”  The City isn’t listening as groups ask to be heard.  

City of Santa Maria found to be unresponsive to the community in grand jury report.

Santa Maria Times article:  The grand jury’s concerns include its belief that the task force coverage area is limited, the city of Santa Maria has direct control, and there is not a plan yet to create new taxes or fees to support future endeavors to increase youth safety.  The jury also believes that at-risk youth and their families aren’t represented on the task force; specifically that the One Community Action Coalition does not have a seat at the task force table.


KEYT:  The report continues, “The Jury finds that the at-risk youth and their families that the Task Force aims to help have little role in developing the envisioned changes and services that would affect them.” 

The 7-page report claims the Mayor and City Council of Santa Maria of not including representatives at the policy-making level of parents and at-risk youth who would be directly affected by the services of the Santa Maria Mayor’s Task Force on Youth Safety.

The Jury noted that the city’s major and City Council’s “exclusive control of the strategic plan’s design and implementation may cause costly delays.”

Among several other concerns and issues observed by the Grand Jury, several recommendations to remedy these issues are included in the report.


Something to remember.  “If you don’t have

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